embryonic stem cell research

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Background Information
The process of embryonic stem cell research is complicated; however, reading this page will break it down for you. Reading that page will educate you on the basics of what ESCR is, why scientists, study it, and how they research embryonic stem cells. Click to find out!

Embryonic stem cells of mice were being experimented on before human embryonic stem cells were first isolated in 1998. To learn more about the history behind this research, click HERE.

Embryonic stem cell research is one of the most controversial topics in the United States. There are many controversial issues that surround ESCR such as: legal issues, economic impact, and even social issues. For more information, visit the issues page

Breakthroughs in embryonic stem cell research do not just happen overnight; many researchers and organizations are involved so that discoveries are made quicker. There are many innovators in embryonic stem cell research, but unfortunately, we can't include all of them in our website. So here are just a few!

Potential Uses
Well now that you've read all about what ESCR is, its history, its issues, and its innovators, you're probably wondering who and what will benefit from it. Medicine is used to prevent and treat symptoms of disease; however, the disease is still lingering inside the body. Embryonic stem cell research aims to rid a person of a disease completely. For more on potential uses, click here!

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