The Discovery of Embryonic Stem Cells

Since 1981, scientists have been studying embryonic stem cells. However, the embryonic stem cells that those scientists were studying belonged to mice. In fact, it wasn't until November of 1998 that the first human embryonic stem cells were isolated at the University of Wisconsin. This was a huge leap in the regenerative medicine industry because embryonic stem cells have the potential to turn into any type of cell to replace dead or injured ones in someone's body. (622)

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Embryonic Stem Cell Research - Present Day

In 2001, the embryonic stem cell research industry hit a bump in the road. Under the presidency of George W. Bush, federal funding for embryonic stem cell research was put on hold in February of 2001. Later that year, Bush officially announced that he is only limiting funding to a certain number of stem cell lines. This delayed the progress of embryonic stem cell research. Fortunately, when Bush's term as president ended, Barack Obama took office and swiftly took action. Soon after being elected into office, President Obama signed an executive order which eased the restrictions on funding for embryonic stem cell research. (2223)

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