Biotech Innovators of Embryonic Stem Cell Research  

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Embryonic stem cell research affects families with patients diagnosed with life-threatening diseases such as cancer. The only people that can afford the treatments and cures provided to them by embryonic stem cell research are very lucky, but for others they struggle each day to survive. Researchers' motivation derives from the desire to save the lives of every person that is diagnosed with cancer or any other disease. They work hard to discover new ways to not only cure them, but find solutions to help others all around the world. (19)

A graph showing the increase of federal funding from 1998 - 2007
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In 2004, Proposition 71 was created to fund the needs of embryonic stem cell research. The proposition stated that the federal government would grant researchers $3 million to discover new treatments for diseases. Since then the government has dedicated almost $180 million in funding for embryonic stem cell research (26).  Before President Bush banned federal funds of stem cell research in 2008, as well as stem cell research, almost all research was funded by the government. But recently, most research facilities are funded by the government if they qualify, but others are funded by organizations that raise money for embryonic stem cell research or private funds (20). There are many benefits of embryonic stem cell research, especially medical benefits such as, curing diseases and saving the lives of people all around the world. It has the potential of curing a variety of diseases: Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, heart disease, cancers and many more. The amounts of benefits are countless, and if you look at the bigger picture, embryonic stem cells can lead to a new type of scientific medicine that can be advantageous in society and the economy (2122).  

National Institute of Health (NIH) a federally funded bio-medical research facility that examines all aspects of stem cells. Currently, the National Institute of Health has a variety of branches in studies of embryonic stem cells; however, they must remain under the guidelines set by the Executive Order of the United States of America. 

NIH includes:
- National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research
- National Institute of Dental Craniofacial Research (NIDCR)'s Craniofacial and Skeletal Diseases Branch
- National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK)
National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) Stem Cell Initiatives
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) Stem Cell Information

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International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR)independent, nonprofit organization that aims at exchanging information, ideas, innovations, and discoveries. Founded in 2002, with more than 3,500 members worldwide, the ISSCR has become the voice of the stem cell research community.

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University of Wisconsin Stem Cell and Regenerative  Medicine Center - home of Professor James Thompson, discoverer of Embryonic Stem Cells, was the first to isolate human embryonic stem cells and is the world's leader in the stem cell research field. Their mission is to advance the science of stem cell biology and foster breakthroughs in regenerative medicine through faculty interactions, research support and education.

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Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI) -  supports research into all aspects of stem cell biology, with special emphasis on those areas with the greatest potential for improving human health. The Harvard Stem Cell Institute is a gathering place for the entire community of scientists and experts in stem cell science seeking to bring new treatments to the clinic and new life to patients with a wide range of chronic illnesses. 

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